12V72W AC/DC Adaptor

12V 72W AC/DC Adaptor

12V 6A

12V 72W AC/DC Adaptor

12V 6A

* Small volume, light weight, streamline, whole sealing, convenient to carry;
* Built-in EMI filter, good anti-interference strength and high reliability;
* 100% full load testing, stable performance and reliable quality;
* With short circuit, overload, over-current protection function, use more secure;
* Conform to the requirements of the safety, high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection;
* Modified and Custom Design Available



Rated Output Voltage Rated Output Current Rated Output Power Power Efficiency Voltage Stability Input Voltage Range Input Frequency Range Working Temperature Waterproof Class Net Weight Dimension
DC12V 6A 72W >80% ±0.5V AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0-40℃   255g 132x60x32mm