Single Bed-lighting Sensor Strip

Item No.: CD-S31-SS
LED Digital Bed-lighting Sensor Strip


Responds to your needs
Getting up at night becomes effortless with light designed to turn on and off when you need it
Easy setup No tools required
Installed in few minutes with a few easy steps. Ready to attach with 3M adhesive tape
Low energy
LED consumes up to 7.5W to Produce the same light as up to 25W incandescent bulb.
Felling safe at night
As your foot touches the floor, the rooms softly illuminated to guide you gently and safely through the room.
Long life time
LED last up 10 years based on average activation of 1 hour per day.
Thoughtful lighting
A warm soft glow of light, where you need it ,when you need it ,with no disturbing glare to wake others and no fumbling to find the lgiht switch in the dark